Emergency Response

When the sheer slopes of I-70 W, US 6 or any major highway decide to give in to gravity and bury the road, Yenter Companies is first to  arrive. Three decades of blasting, bolting, scaling and hauling rocks in the Rocky Mountains has earned Yenter Companies, Inc. the reputation as the region’s leader in dealing with rockfall and landslide emergencies.


We take great pride in our ability to mobilize and deploy engineers, skilled technicians, geologists, drillers, blasters, and vast inventory of equipment anywhere in a matter of hours. We can evaluate and re mediate rock falls, landslides, erosion, scour, and other natural disasters.

Yenter Companies’ highly skilled climbers, drillers, and blasters remove identified, potentially dangerous rocks before they fall, and Yenter’s crews remain “on call” to clean up and stabilize rockfall areas after the fact. We may move thousand of cubic yards of rock and earth, or split or move a single boulder. We stabilize rocks in place or we reduce them to manageable sizes and haul them away. We do this safely, efficiently, and economically.

We use sophisticated slope stability programs and state of the art rockfall simulation models to design rock and soil stabilization. Yenter Companies uses the most advanced blasting materials and methods. We have trained technicians and industry standard seismic monitoring instrumentation to measure blast intensity. Yenter Companies has long been the company to call for assistance in emergency situations. We maintain ongoing emergency services contracts with a number of government and private sector groups. Our safety record is unequaled in the industry.

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