Rock & Soil Stabilization

Yenter Companies has all the capabilities to design and build effective and efficient stabilization systems. We employ professional civil engineers, who design rock and soil stabilization systems in-house and exclusively for our customers. Our team of engineers specializes in earth retention, rock-fall barrier and mitigation, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls.


Many or our stabilization services include rock-bolting, soil-nailing, shotcrete application, mesh-barriers and more. Yenter Companies has a full fleet of casing drills, crane-suspended drill rigs and workbaskets, climbing and scaling crews and all other essential equipment and personnel.

Our Most Common Stabilization Services Include:

  • Soil-nailing
  • TiebacksShotcrete application
  • Rock-bolting
  • Rockfall mitigation and scaling
  • Mechanically stabilized earth retention systems
  • Slope failure analysis and solution designs
  • Micropiles

Specialized and Technical Services Include:

  • Helicopter mobilization for complicated access and egress situations
  • Rock scaling
  • Rockfall protection barrier design and build
  • Rope-suspended crews and equipment for difficult scenarios

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